For Organizations

Organization Accreditation Fee: 250.00, no renewal fee, lifetime credentialing.


Code of Ethics

Organizational Requirements

Benefits of Accreditation

  • Course approval within 72 hours.

  • One time fee. No annual fee to accredit your organization.

  • Free listing in our growing database.

  • Providers from any country are eligible.

  • Receive your own credentialing letter and badge for your website, marketing and communications.

  • Designation of high standards in Mindful and Meditative Art Education.

  • Distinguishes your program form the competition in the marketplace.

  • Accreditation provides a specific level of professionalism making your program more highly sought after.

  • Organization must be legally formed in the organizations home country.

  • Must openly identify their statement of nondiscrimination which includes all sexual orientations, genders, gender identities, race, culture, size, ethnicity, socioeconomics and abilities.

  • The organization must submit the programs Mindful and Meditative Art trainers qualifications (must be verifiable) and length of time providing services. Trainers are required to qualify and be registered as a Registered Mindful and Meditative Art Certified Professional by meeting the requirements below:

              • Documented degree in mindfulness education/studies, meditation studies, mindful/meditative art studies, art or music therapy, theology, divinity, metaphysical sciences, contemplative practice, contemplative education, transpersonal education, transpersonal studies, etc

              • Documented completion of:

                  • If degree is in the arts, completion of a mindfulness program consisting of at minimum 50 hours of education and practice is required (certificate of completion required), with documented completion of 10 hours of mindful art education and submission of a portfolio of 20 jpegs.

                  • If degree is in mindfulness, contemplative education, transpersonal education, metaphysical sciences, etc, completion of studio art, music (application not theory or history), expressive arts, creative expression, art making methods, spiritually based art making methods and mindful or meditative arts education totaling 60 hours and submission of a portfolio of 20 jpegs.

                  • If the trainer is already a RMACP with our organization, they automatically qualify to teach the courses and programs.

  • The organization must submit training materials with their application for review. Materials must include the following:

              • Required education in mindfulness and mindful art education for a minimum of 100 clock hours.

              • A minimum of 50 + clock hours of documented practice as a requirement for the participants.

              • Supervision of learning through either live, virtual or in-person sessions, comment feedback or email feedback.

              • A required documented facilitated session that has been reviewed by the program instructor

              • Inclusion of an identified, widely recognized mindfulness program components such as MBSR, MMFT, MBAT, methods of mindfulness included in yoga teacher trainings and philosophies or other spiritual or religious practice elements of mindfulness; and a minimum of mindful drawing, mindful mixed media and mindful paintings components.

  • A completed Code of Ethics form must accompany the application and application fee.

  • Application fee must be paid prior to awarding of the credential. Organizations can request a hardship consideration for payment plan of fees. All fees are paid through Stripe. To pay your fee, please go here.

Materials should be sent to All materials must be submitted together, documented and your fee must be fully paid prior to awarding of your accreditation.

Programs may qualify for Highly Qualified Awards status. Highly Qualified Awards are recognized through the quality of content in the program and instructors that surpass the RMACP requirements with over 5 years of instruction in mindful and meditative arts or expressive arts with mindfulness components. Experience verification form required. There is no additional fee to qualify for the Highly Qualified Awards status. Highly Qualified Awards status benefits include a designation logo for your organization and award letter and being listed as a Highly Qualified Award winner.

Inquire about eligibility for payment plan options for pay for your accreditation. Specific qualifications apply.